café Willem Slok – Utrecht

(disclaimer: this is not, by all means a review of the VENUE but a review of a one time occurrence)

Vreedenblues revisited

Had a blast playing in one of my favorite bars in Utrecht again. When I lived in the city-center I used to hang out here quite a lot.
We also organized our own blues-events called ‘Vreedenblues’. Actually this is the place where Jenn and I first met.
As to be expected, the afternoon started out saying hi to a lot of familiar faces. By the time Jennifer started playing, everybody was really excited.
She did a wonderful job, and the crowd was impressed. just a little bit of mumbling and a lot of cheering at the end of every song, the respect a musician deserves in my opinion.

Unfortunately when the afternoon progressed, it got noisier and noisier. A lot of people where losing their concentration and would rather listen to their own vocal chords rather than showing some respect for us playing. By the time I was playing myself, I had to, repeatedly, ask people to lower their voices. To their credit, they consciously did for a couple of minutes before returning to their former, rowdy behavior,

It was probably one of the more noisy places I’ve played at in the last couple of months and despite the wonderful ambiance an all good intentions, when it comes to respectfully keeping the ‘dutch disease’ tot a minimum I will have to lower the rating a bit. (when it comes to a welcoming and warm environment  they still score 5 out of 5 nevertheless).

So my loudless rating for this evening would be:

(2.5 / 5)