Het Boterhuis – Delft

(disclaimer: this is not, by all means a review of the VENUE but a review of a one time occurrence)

Affligem Blues Festival

I will start by saying this venue is one of the more friendly places in Delft. With a nice ambiance and very cool and hardworking boys and girls serving you food and drinks with a swift precision.

Playing there is always a treat but also a bit difficult considering I have to cramp my stuff on a stair-platform between two sections of the room. On the other hand this gives me the opportunity to glance over the crowd with ease like a goofy king looking over his flock ;-).

The evening started out pretty darn awesome. A lot of people came in to listen to my humble musical frolicking and it was a lot of fun. Getting people to sing, clap and dance with a lightheartedness is always on a musicians favorite menu. The dancing part was off-course covered by a small group of blues dancers from the “crash!” organisation who never seem to miss a show whenever I am in the neighborhood. Many, many thanks for that!

Too be honest, after the evening progressed, the beerbuzz was getting the upper hand  and this resulted in a bit of assholery on the part of some individuals. Hanging around on the stairs and harassing other people whilst not realizing everybody downstairs where only getting a glimpse of their wiggly little chimp butts instead of me, trying to sing and play my way around their rowdy behavior….. not cool. Also, a nice american lady came all the way from Brussels to watch me play and got a rude sneer from a couple of guys whom she politely asked to tone it down a little bit… also definitely NOT COOL!!

So my loudless rating for this evening would be:

(3 / 5)