Grand café Verderop

(disclaimer: this is not, by all means a review of the VENUE but a review of a one time occurrence.)

Crash! the Blues Festival Delft 2018


It is always a joy to play for blues dancers, simple as that. I can recommend every colleague musician to try it when you get the chance.

Very generous, cheerful boys and girls who definitely know their way around the blues AND the dance floor. The best thing is: you know your audience is paying attention because… well.. they have to ;-). It always amazes me how many different nationalities are gathered together on these events. And everybody knows everybody from other meetings. They treat you with respect and are not afraid to approach you with tips and comments.

This evening was the start of their weekend so it sometimes was a little “chattery” because they hadn’t seen each other for a while but I would still take these nice cats over many other audiences anytime!

So my loudless rating for this evening would be:

(4 / 5)